About Peptron
Our goal is “Cozy Cure” which represents better compliance and allow patient to access better treatment easier for curing disease.

Since its foundation in 1997, Peptron Inc. has developed the platform technologies for peptide-based medicines. In line with proprietary technologies, we are developing sustained-release medications with a high technological entrance barrier and excellent product competitiveness.

SmartDepot™ , our most representative technologies, brings initial research process to the final medication development and successful commercialization phase. During the 20 years of research and development process, we have extensive know-how, which allows us to expand our business and cooperate with global pharmaceutical partners.

SmartDepot™ is a unique technology designed for gradual release of medication. After a single dose of injected medication, it is released gradually through a specific period of time. If it is applied to various peptide-based or small molecule medicines, injectable once or multiple times per day, SmartDepot will significantly increase patient’s convenience and treatment effect. In addition, it will also extend the life cycle of the products and keep their competitive advantages for longer periods..

Based on these technologies, extensive knowledge, and experience, Peptron will continue to strive for the realization of technology-intensive medicines with better efficacy in highly potential biopharmaceutical field.